The passive fire protection of a building and in particular the fireproof frames are required by law and we are the experts in them.

The presence of fireproof doors, frames and curtains ensures the prevention of fire transmission from one place to another, thus enabling the safe escape of people from a burning building.

We are one of the pioneers in the Greek field in the supply and installation of fireproof frames and we have :

-Metallic Fire Doors,
-Glass Fire Doors
-Wooden Fire Doors
-Fire Curtains and
-Fire Shutters

We cooperate and import directly from the largest factories in Europe such as LOCHER, NINZ, BLOXER, FIRECURTAINS LTD, A1SHUTERS, FAEL.

The engineers of our company undertake without any obligation the on-site measurement of your fire-resistant frames in order to prepare your financial offer. We will also give you all the necessary instructions in order to build the necessary ways of support and infrastructure in your project in order to install the fireproof frames according to their type.