Firefighting pumps are the heart of fire extinguishing systems using water with sprinklers, network of fire hoses and foam.

They consist of three pumps, one main electric, one second smaller electric, (jokey), which monitor and keeps at constant pressure the hydraulic fire network and a third diesel, of the same power as the main electric pump.

During a power outage, the pump with the diesel engine is automatically activated to provide uninterrupted water supply to the network of fire nests or sprinklers. In case the building infrastructure has a sufficient size generator, we can not install the diesel pump and in its place enter an electric one similar to the main one, which will be powered by the PC in case of power failure.

We supply and install firefighting pump systems in accordance to the current legislation and certified according to EN 12845. We also design and install fire pumps on vehicles, in cottages and farms as well as firefighting hydraulic networks.