Maintenance programs performed by specialists according to your needs and whenever you want.

The control and maintenance of fire protection systems, as well as their installation, are works which, based on National and European Legislation, are performed exclusively by Engineers who have the right to sign the Red Book of the Fire Service.

ADM is a Technical company, with No. TEE 18936, consisting of engineers with experience and know-how in this field, certified in the maintenance of fire protection systems with quality assurance system ELOT -ISO9001: 2015 by the authority of EΒETAM S.A.

Although our installations in fire safety systems are of high quality and the materials we use are manufactured by the best factories, we estimate that over time, general wear and tear can affect the operation of a system. For this reason, national legislation requires at least an annual inspection and maintenance of all active fire protection systems.

We provide customized maintenance programs to ensure that the fire or safety system operates efficiently and at full capacity all year round.

Our maintenance services include:
• Minor repairs
• Replacements
• Tests
• Visual inspections and
• Spare parts

We customize our maintenance programs to meet your individual requirements. We can schedule to visit your tourist, commercial or industrial facilities every month, every few months, or only once a year. Whatever you want to do, we will do it. We can even provide one-off maintenance services if you deem it necessary.

Our goal is always to provide as little inconvenience to your business as possible, so we provide your maintenance services according to your needs. If you want to visit during off hours or on the weekend, we will do it.

As one of the leading fire safety specialists in Crete, we always go the extra mile for our customers. To the end, we will do what is necessary to maintain the proper operation of your business fire protection systems