Here at ADM, we combine years of experience with a dedicated team of engineers to provide a complete installation service that really makes a difference.

We inform you that the installation of fire protection systems is work performed only by an engineer with the requirement of his signature like all construction projects. It is not legal to have installation or maintenance of a fire protection system by trading companies or technicians.

ADM is a Technical company, with No. TEE 18936, consisting of engineers with experience and know-how in this field, certified in the installation of fire protection systems with quality assurance system ELOT -ISO9001: 2015 by the authority of EΒETAM S.A.

You can have the best fire protection equipment, but if it is not installed professionally and properly, you will be wasting your money. Our engineers have completed hundreds of fire safety systems over the years, so they know exactly what works and what doesn’t. If you are unsure about the installation of a system or the proper operation of an existing system in your building, they will provide honest and unbiased advice and services to ensure that your business is properly protected.

Every client receives a free inquiry and offer, without obligation, regardless of the work needed. After discussing your needs and requirements with you, our highly experienced engineers will install your new fire detection, gas detection or extinguishing system, quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you meet the requirements of strict building regulations.

Quality installation is a part of the story which in combination with the top quality materials we use makes our company one of the most competitive, properly trained and reliable in the field of fire protection. As one of the leading companies and experts for fire prevention safety in Crete and throughout Greece, we have access to the best products available, so you can be sure that you do not only receive services of the highest quality, but also equipment of the same level.

Special design

ADM Fire safety systems can be customized to suit your needs. We customize the design and install a wide variety of fire prevention systems for a variety of different needs and applications and we have a team of experienced and skilled engineers ready to do it.

After our installation service, we also provide comprehensive security maintenance programs to ensure the smooth operation of our systems throughout the year.
See the Maintenance page for more information.