Sprinklers form the majority of automatic fire fighting systems in a wide range of buildings, such as offices, hotels and restaurants, and quickly and effectively release a water supply in the event of a fire.

Sprinkler systems are a very cost effective and easy way of protecting your commercial or industrial property from the threat of fire.

Swift and effective in tackling fires, they are especially helpful in high-storey buildings where fire brigade access is limited and time consuming.

Our fire sprinklers are triggered by heat, rather than smoke, so in most cases, fires are extinguished by just one sprinkler head. By acting quickly, our fire sprinklers can minimize damage and reduce the risk of injury or death by smoke inhalation or burns.

We supply the following, but not only, types of fire sprinkler systems:

Wet systems

They store water at all times, and house a glass valve that shatters when the temperature rises to above 68C. This system only activates sprinklers in the zone of fire.

Dry systems

They are similar in function to wet systems but do not store water at all times.