We not only want to sell fire protection systems but also ensure that they work properly.

Apart from being a commercial company, ADM is also a technical company where our purpose is not only the sale of fire protection products but mainly their design, installation and maintenance.

The reasons we chose to provide the above services are many and all aim at our responsibly to ensure the protection of human lives and property for our customers. We can not tolerate that a fire protection system was purchased and installed without being functional, and yet it often happens and we encounter it in many facilities that we are called upon to inspect.

We are obliged to act with this mentality and to provide high quality services because fire protection systems are installed in order to safeguard life and property and are subject to strict legislation and strict standards.

Furthermore not all professionals are allowed to install and maintain such systems but only the Engineers, with the responsibility of their signature and their conscience towards their clients and the laws of the state.

Based on the above, we carry out studies, installations, inspections and maintenance of fire protection systems with our staff which consists exclusively of well-trained Electronics Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. We therefore have the profession right for the above services and the right to sign for the installation and inspection of fire protection systems in the Red Book of the Fire Service and this makes us doubly responsible in our work.