Aerosol Generators Systems

At ADM, as pioneers, we provide and install the state-of-the-art technology in extinguishing systems, such as aerosol generators.

Concentrated fire-fighting aerosol technology came to the fore as a result of the Montreal Protocol in 1994. This international treaty abolished ozone-depleting substances, such as Halon and other halogenated and chlorofluorocarbons.

Unlike traditional firefighting methods (gas systems or sprinkler systems), fire is extinguished mainly by the cessation of chemical chain reactions in the flame, according to the fire tetrahedron, without reducing oxygen.

For all-bed systems, we recommend the supply and installation of systems with aerosol generators, which are the most modern advantageous solution with low maintenance costs and all the necessary certifications.
With these systems you have the following, among other things, advantages :

– No space is reserved from your facility for gas cylinders, which are high pressure cylinders and must be protected for safety reasons
– No piping is required for the operation of the system
– Aerosol is non-toxic like carbon dioxide
– It is not necessary to remove the generators from the extinguishing area, as happens during the hydraulic test and refilling of the carbon dioxide cylinders.
– The aerosol generators that we provide have EN & UL certifications.