Maintenance & Refilling of Extinguishers

We have a certified laboratory for trading control and refilling of fire extinguishers according to KYA618 with certification number MIRTEC1-009411CER11.7071900135 and quality assurance system ELOT -ISO9001: 2015 by the authority of EΒETAM S.A.

According to European and national standards, like all fire protection systems, fire extinguishers must be properly maintained to ensure their proper operation in the event of fire.

Based on KYA 618, all fire extinguishers must be inspected annually. They must also be retreaded every five years, and every 10 years they must be hydraulically tested at the pressure specified by their manufacturer. The service life of low pressure fire extinguishers is 20 years while in high pressure fire extinguishers there is no limit as long as they successfully pass the hydraulic test every 10 years.

ADM provides the service of control and maintenance of fire extinguishers with responsibility, seriousness and consistency to ensure that our customers are protected at all times.